Variety 1560 AM

Low Power Radio Station

Variety 1560 AM 1470 AM 90.7 FM is a FCC Legal Unlicensed Low Power Micro Radio Station operating under Part 15.221 and 15.219 for AM and 15.239 for FM codified in Code of Federal Regulations Chapter 47. we are unallocated and not licensed meaning we exist on a non interfering basis and do not cause interference to a full power stations licensed by the FCC. if a station gets licensed locally on any of the frequencies we occupy then us being a secondary user must move to a new unoccupied frequency. We can be heard very locally on our current frequencies of 1560 and 1470 on your AM dial and 90.7 on your FM dial we use a low power am transmitter set to 10 Watts average TPO into an AC Line coupler for Neutral Loaded Carrier Current AM on 1560. We currently use a Chez Procaster on 1470 AM, FCC ID: VCJ-AMTX100, and a Broadcast Vision AXS-TD on 90.7 FM FCC ID: PG2-TDA123GGT. you can also like us on Facebook. our Facebook page is where we post News, Politics, and stations updates. we feature original syndicated weekly programming. when we are not airing original programming we are playing a mix of the 40's through the 80's currently reaching over 2700 tracks and increasing. This Station is a Labor of love. i derive absolutely no income from it nor do i run any commercials. i do this simply because i love radio, music, and broadcast engineering.

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We are looking for some music files in "ucompressed Wav" file format. i have already sourced my friends and no one seems to have these on CD or Vinyl Albums. we are asking our visitors for help in locating these song files in the required format. if it is done properly an "uncompressed Wav" file should be about 50mb for a 3 minute song. for the older songs we prefer they be ripped from CD's that were pressed in the 80's or from Vinyl Albums. most of the stuff dating in the late 70's and newer can be ripped from any CD, but older stuff like Mama's and Papa's "Creeque Alley" or "California Dreaming" need to be ripped from Vinyl or CD's pressed in the 80's, other songs such as "We Love The Pirate stations" by the Roaring Sixties and "Wildwood Days" by Bobby Rydell were never released on anything but vinyl. if you can help us out then pleae use the contact form on this page to get in touch with us. a list of the music tracks we are looking for can be downloaded below in adobe pdf format. thank you in advance for any help in locating new music to add to the station music lineup - Classic Hits 1630 AM 90.7 FM XERF Denver

Attn: Help US expand our music library

Weekly Programming


Tim's Oompah Hour - Wedenesdays 6pm Mountain

Doo Wop Stop w/ Cool Bobby B Mondays @ 6pm Mountain

 The Mike Overnight Radio Show Mon - Sat 9pm - 3am Mountain  


Democracy Now! 6am Mountain Weekdays

In The News w/Mike Dakkak Sun at 6am Mountain

The Michael Slate Show Saturday at 6am Mountain

MemoryLane Show Sunday's 9 PM Mountain Time


in the denver area? need HD2/3 or SCA programming?

i can deliver a Variety hits (40's thru 80's various genre's) format over 2700 tracks in uncompressed wav from a professional broadcast quality studio running RadioDJ automation.

i'm looking to expand my limited range part 15 AM to an SCA or HD2/3 (prefer HD2/3) to expand my limited audience and to use the SCA/HD2/3 as an STL to feed various remote sites and possibly a licensed FM translator in the future.

if you are in need of programming for an aux channel and are in the Denver CO metro area then hit me up via the contact form.

maybe we can be of help to each other on a barter basis.

i do this as a hobby. i run PSA's and some of my syndication programs run commercials via their shows but i personally do not run commercials or sell ad time on my station i am completely hobby station and we sound more like college radio or NPR then any kind of commercial outlet.

it is really unique style programming in the Denver Area, if you are on lookout mountain i can likely setup a 900 MHz NLOS STL link between my apartment and lookout for better reliability if you are else where i have a private barix box STL Stream and xfinity internet.

again if you are in need of unique programming email and we can discuss the details.

I do not run a public internet stream (if you are interested in sponsoring a public stream i can run one), just a part 15 neutral loaded carrier current (15.221) and a 3m/100mW (15.219) remote site and would like to add a licensed HD2/3/SCA to my available outlets for programming.